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Women's Fashions from Harper's Bazaar, August 1941

From a Lord & Taylor Ad:  "THE WINDOW PANE PLAID (right). Brown, plum or green with white. 55% wool, 35% rayon, 10% rabbit's hair. The Jacket, 10.95 The Skirt 7.95. THE CAMEL-BEIGE WOOL (left). Like their pet polo coat. In virgin wool. The Jacket, 10.95 The Skirt 6.95."

Another Lord & Taylor Ad: "--natural curves--your own. Underscore these softer shoulders, these slimmer waists, these fuller hips--this new look of ease. For dining and dancing. Budget Shop's peplum dress (right) and statue dress (left). Fire red, petunia blue, bright green, plum or black. Smooth, rich Sharamure crepe woven with Celanese rayon yard."

"It's a Whirl!" editorial feature: "At the left: To sweep around the dance floor like fury--a divine dress of blackest black rayon velvet--sure=fire against a white skin. Its bodice is cut into a low square and caught with a giant black taffeta bow directly in front--Celanese taffeta again in wide bands around the skirt. $39.95. Jeau-Don, De Pinna. Center: A swish of burgundy Calanese taffeta, and over it a shiny chic jacket--striped with cream satin. $25. Bonwit Teller. Right: A dress to melt the hearts of men--the basque top is of black velvet, the skirt of heaven blue Celanese satin with an appliquéd black velvet leaf design. $29.95. Kalmour,  Best."




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