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Women's Fashions from Harper's Bazaar, August 1941


"Production Clothes, adapted from workmen's working clothes for the collage girl to work in. An airplane mechanic's overall in doeskin. Finish flannel with hip pockets for ruler and pencils. $25. A working pinafore in blueprint blue flannel with metal buttons and a double pocket on the rib to hold everything. $17.95. Altman."

"Frontier Pants sweep down from the Canadian border. Tight to the leg all the way down, in heavy dark blue whipcord. Worn around campus or on country weekend evenings, with a hard pink shirt and a Mexican silver belt."

"Miss Derby, just out of Foxcroft, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lawrence Derby of Boston and Bar Harbor. She inherits her taffy hair and her flair for dress from her mother."

"Miss Howe, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Deering Howe of Brookville, Long Island, hunted with the Meadowbrook Hounds even before she went to Foxcroft. As a hobby, she paints portraits of animals."



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